Eating fish daily good or bad

If you are the type of person that likes to eat fish, you are not alone. People all over the world enjoy these delicacies and it is not uncommon to want more. In fact, there are groups of people that may be referred to as fish lovers and they will eat this food in basically any form that it is made. Fried fish, broiled fish, baked fish, seared fish, grilled fish, braized fish, sauteed fish, smoked fish and the like. Also, real fish lovers will eat it any way that they can with any meal. Because real fish lovers will eat fish with a dish on the side, alone by itself or inside of their favorite tasty recipe, fish can be served in so many different ways. So, for those of you who want to know if eating fish daily is good or bad, it is best to do the research in advance, especially if you want to avoid encountering any unnecessary health and medical issues. To that end, here’s what the current governmental dietary guidelines are saying to the U.S. about the timing of eating fish.


Eat Fish Twice A Week – Governmental Dietary Guidelines

Many governmental dietary guidelines have been published and communicated widely to everyone so that they know what they are and how to follow them. One of the more commonly known is the nutritional value that is related to eating fish. In these standards, people should eat fish twice a week so that their bodies can remain healthy. While fish is packed with omega 3 fatty acids and has significant benefits for the heart and the brain, there are some restrictions that people should adhere to if they want to remain healthy and free from illnesses and disease. Therefore, many professionals in the health and medical industry are following these guidelines closely so that they do not expose their patients to unnecessary medical issues.


Fish Contains Mercury

As with any good source of vitamins and minerals, there are some drawbacks to eating too much of any food. Therefore, people should pay very close attention to what the recommendations are from the medical and health industry. Even while fish has a wide range of great benefits to the heart and other parts of the body, there are some disadvantages that eating too much can pose to the body as well. One of which may be commonly known in most communities today and that is fish contains elements of mercury. Because mercury is known to cause numerous serious health problems, fish should be eaten according to government guidelines and not every day.


Additionally, according to numerous health and medical sites, mercury poisoning in fish is of particular concern. Specifically, because it has high levels of mercury that can accumulate in the tissues of the body. So, when people are eating different types and sources of fish, it is very important that they do not get too much. In fact, the types of fish on the list that people will need to be concerned about include the following: tuna, swordfish, tile fish, King Makeral, Chilean sea bass, and Alaskan halibut since they are all on the list of those that have extremely high levels of mercury. So, people will need to know what they are eating and the levels of mercury contained before eating fish daily. Also, it is important to note on the other end of the spectrum, the much lower levels of mercury are found in the following fish: herring, sardines, cod, Wild caught salmon, tilapia, sole, and shrimp.


Children and Pregnant Women Should Avoid Toxins

Another issue of concern that is meant to address eating fish on a daily basis is related to children and pregnant women. Since the digestive systems of children and pregnant women are more sensitive to eating certain fish than others, everyone must be careful of what is consumed. Particularly, since fish is also said to have certain toxins contained in them that should be completely avoided. As a result of these concerns, fish should only be served when people know that it is safe and free from unnecessary health hazards.


Fish has a lot of great health benefits for the heart and the brain. Therefore, it is a great source of nutrition for the body. However, when it comes to eating fish every day, even fish lovers should take special note with the proper restrictions. According to the governmental dietary guidelines, fish should only be eaten twice a week.