How Does Eating Fish Help The Body?

From salmon to deep water tilapia, fish is a beloved delicacy. Fish serves as a good source of vitamins, protein, and minerals not to mention that it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for your brain and body.

The body on its own can’t produce omega-3s although they are needed for a healthy body. While the link between heart health and omega-3s has been known for years, new research has evidence that fish rich in fatty acids is important for overall wellness.

Eating fish once or twice a week can help you reap the benefits.

Here are some more ways through which eating fish helps the body.


Boost Brain Development

Salmon and other nutrient rich fish contain EFA omega-3s which are important for children as they contribute to brain development. Studies reveal that consuming omega 3 can help relieve the symptoms of ADHD. Before introducing any supplements to a child’s diet, it’s best to talk to a pediatrician.


Prevention of Heart Disease

A study conducted on Danish women revealed that women who ate little to no fish had over 50% likelihood of developing heart problems compared to those who ate fish at least once a week. It’s been discovered that eating fish high in omega-3s can cut down blood fat levels, which can lead to a reduced heart-disease risk.


Lower The Risk of Alzheimer’s

A study presented at Radiological Society of North America discovered that eating fish once a week was able to preserve gray-matter neurons, a part of the brain associated with cognition and memory. Those who ate broiled or baked fish had larger brains and cells compared to those who never consumed fish.


Improve your Hair and Skin

One of the major disadvantages of consuming a low-fat diet is that you deprive it of the necessary fat that it needs, leaving it dry and dull. Researchers now link fish and omega-3 consumption to treatment of various skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Furthermore, studies reveal that the fats present in fish are needed to help nourish your skin as well as keep your hair glowing and smooth.


Promote Bone Health

As you age, your bone density tends to decrease. To ensure that you’re not at risk of developing arthritis or osteoporosis, you have to supplement your diet with calcium and protein. Fish contains strontium, an essential ingredient suitable for treating osteoporosis, Vitamin D and zinc in fish encourage bone growth as well as stimulate the production of collagen.


Improve Your Immunity

Fish contains essential minerals and vitamins such as DPA, EPS, amino acids, and Vitamin D, which help to naturally fight diseases. Studies show that DHA-rich fish oil enhance B cell activity which is a major part of white blood cells generation. White blood cells work to fight infection and other bacteria that may invade the body.


Boost your Mood

Don’t be fooled that being happy is only psychological. Researchers now believe that omega-3 and DHA found in fish play a huge role in increasing your brain’s level of chemical secretion associated with elevated mood. This helps to cope with mood swings and depression.


Enhance Libido

Consuming fish has been shown to boost Testerone levels as well as sperm count in men. Fish rich in zinc and iodine promotes and enhances the male reproductive system.


Enhance Your Eyesight

Eating oil rich fish can help to enhance your eyesight. This is particularly helpful for people suffering from age related macular degeneration, a condition that leads to degeneration of the retina, leaving one’s eyesight blurred. Fish has retinol, a form of Vitamin A which boosts vision.


Clearing Your Blood Vessels

A large population suffers from thrombosis, which can lead to clots later on. Consumption of fish can reduce the risk of developing thrombosis. The body produces eicosanoids, a hormone like component that increases your chances of suffering from inflammation and blood clots.


Fish is one of the healthiest foods beneficial to your health in different ways. Not only does consumption of fish improve your physical health, it also helps to improve your mental as well as emotional health. Rich in potassium, zinc, iodine and selenium, fish is essential for the thyroid gland. Moreover, it leaves you looking younger and strengthens your immune system.